Association Tips

5 Easy Steps to Encourage Meeting Attendees to Use New Apps

If an association's or company's demographics fit a tech savvy profile, there it likely isn't too hard to encourage meeting attendees to use new apps. What if attendees aren't yet comfortable using apps? I have worked with companies that run the gamut from a high level of comfort to nervousness more

Managing Workshops Driving You Crazy? Tips from UUA’s Meeting Planners

Workshop programming for religious conferences is often quite complex, with many submissions to sort through before the meeting and then lots of concurrent sessions for different tracks of attendees to set up and manage. How do meeting planners for faith-based conferences handle this complexity? more

3 Strategies to Balance Association Member Needs: Entrepreneurs and Employees

For associations, balancing the needs of members who are entrepreneurs with those of full-time employees has always been challenging.  Some members who are entrepreneurs pull out of associations when active participation does not generate much business. On the flip side, some members who more

5 More Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

 Associations have their own unique challenges when it comes to social media marketing. Marketing goals for such organizations are often not as simple as convincing people to buy a product. Member recruitment, member engagement, resource sharing, and advocacy may all be among the stated objectives. more

4 Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

Whether you want to build awareness of a cause; increase conference attendance or recruit new members, creating a social media strategy for your association is much easier when you are clear about where you are and where you want to go. So taking the time to clarify your strengths, weaknesses more

Webinar Q&A: Using Feedback to Enhance Your Events

Last week we hosted the first webinar in our Customer Success Series, Using Feedback to Enhance your Events, and the response was incredible! We had two great Cvent client speakers, Tonya Harris from Council of Great City Schools, and Melody Craigmyle from Almo Corporation, share more

10 Tips to Make General Sessions More Interactive....Immediately

Fortunately, many organizations and associations are moving to a more interactive format for conferences and internal meetings. Making a session more interactive doesn't have to significantly increase the length of your meeting or blow your budget. Here are 10 simple ways to make general more

Setting Realistic Meeting Timeframes Part II

In recent discussions online and with colleagues who are event planners and facilitators, the frustration of trying to produce results within unrealistic timeframes is still being identified with increasing frequency. Event planners may find it helpful to borrow from zero based budgeting to more

Starting Meetings and Conferences Off with a Bang

There are a number of challenges involved in kicking off large meetings and conferences. For example: How can you capture the attention of participants and draw them into the meeting space? How can you prevent late-comers from derailing your meeting? How do you get participants in their seats more

A Few LinkedIn Tips for Associations

For many associations, LinkedIn is a natural fit for engaging with members because its purpose is to facilitate the advancement of individual careers as well as businesses. And since older members more readily understand the value of LinkedIn for business networking, they are often more likely more
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