LinkedIn and Mobile: The New Networking Power Tool

For professional and B2B (business to business) markets, LinkedIn is THE social network. While some may complain that its social features are eclipsed by other more conversational networks such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn announced that as of April 2014, they have over 300 million users more

One Size Fits ME: The importance of personalization

Do you think we are a little overwhelmed with “stuff” coming at us? Here are a couple of fun facts: we filter 95% of everything that we see, hear and read every day. And in one month, we generate more content than in the first 2000 years of civilization! It is a very, very noisy world where we more

4 Ways to Help Your Attendees Stayed Charged

I don't know about you, but the thought of going anyplace without my phone gives me the shakes. More than that, I stress about the battery life of my phone. How many hours can I get out of it? Where are all of the available charging stations? I'm someone who takes advantage of e-tickets for more

Capitalizing on the Selfie Photo Trend with Mobile Event Apps

Bombastic, fantastic, narcissistic, opportunistic, authentic… all of these could be used to describe the selfie photo trend. For those who are unaware, a selfie is a photo taken of oneself. Why are selfies a hot trend these days? One, because people can easily take photos of themselves anywhere, more

What Event Planners Can Learn from the World Cup

Whether you call it soccer or futbol, whether you’ve grown up with the game or recently became a new fan, whether you’ve been following every match or only know it’s on because you’ve heard coworkers shouting and cheering (silently of course) from their desks, this year’s World Cup is hard more

The Power of Smart Content in Mobile Apps

Event mobile apps are transitioning from portable directories to personalization tools. Delivering specific content—reminders, suggestions, or push notifications—at the precise moment when it is most valuable (and based on attendees’ interaction with the app), not only enhances the more

The Benefits of In-App Social Sharing

In the last few years, the event industry has witnessed the rise and coordination of social media and mobile apps. As planners and attendees have learned to both download the designated event app and also connect on social media networks, greater engagement has occurred. At the same time, more

5 Easy Steps to Encourage Meeting Attendees to Use New Apps

If an association's or company's demographics fit a tech savvy profile, there it likely isn't too hard to encourage meeting attendees to use new apps. What if attendees aren't yet comfortable using apps? I have worked with companies that run the gamut from a high level of comfort to nervousness more

A Push for Your Mobile Marketing

Push notifications via your mobile app are a great way to gain instant access to your attendees. As far as numbers go, 68% of users have enabled push notifications for their apps (the numbers are even better for those 18-34 years old at nearly 80%). And at least 70% of consumers reported that more

Don’t Assume Digital is Intuitive

I recently found myself saying to someone, "Do you really need a help desk at your event to assist people with your event app? Doesn’t everyone just know how to use these now?" The fact is, whether or not you need a help desk depends on your audience and the intuitiveness of your app. How easy is more
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