How to Help International Delegates With Their Mobile Tech

If you have attendees traveling from other countries, you can do them a great service by helping them with connectivity when they arrive here. I remember the first time several years ago when I traveled internationally with my mobile device. I had a panic attack when I landed and realized I didn’ more

Combating Chronic Zombiosis at Your Meetings

Groooaaannnnnn. Are you ready to rid your attendees of these demonic doldrums? Don’t worry, we have some eerily effective tactics for helping you avoid this dreaded ‘zombiosis.’ Here are a few, easily digestible tips on how to keep your attendees spellbound, on the edge of their seats and more

How Mobile Event Apps Can Prevail Where Business Cards Fail

With all the electronic gadgetry we have in our possession 24/7, it’s amazing that business cards are STILL an important networking tool. A few years ago, business cards’ demise seemed almost imminent with rapidly evolving technology. While some devices offer the ability to simply bump each more

What Event Planners and Attendees Can Expect from the iOS 8 Update

As an event app developer, CrowdCompass knows its clients’ event content, graphics, and logos need to look right on all screen sizes so every app user can have a smooth experience. Recently, we covered how (and why) CrowdCompass prepared its event apps ahead of time for the iOS 8 update. Now, we’ more

Networking 22nd Century Style: Is that Really You?

For most of us, it’s difficult to imagine what the future will look like 10 years, even one year from now. Yet there are futurist thinkers who are trying to envision what the Internet will look like in the 22nd century. Curious about what the Internet of the future could look like? Click here to more

The Graying and Growing Population and Event Apps

In an Administration on Aging report, The Next Four Decades: The Older Population in the United States 2010 to 2050, the projection is that one in five Americans will be age 65 or older by 2030. That’s 20% of the entire U.S. population! This should not be surprising to anyone. But digging a more

7 Ways to Stay on Top of Mobile Trends and Technology

I spend a lot of time learning about and discussing how people use technology, especially mobile. Recently, I was having a conversation with a colleague in his late 50s who mentioned being "too old" to understand how to use technology. This was the same conversation I had with a friend in their more

Social Media Walls for Events: Do's, Don'ts and Fun Ideas!

A long time ago, a massively popular speaker and author posted a thought to Facebook, which garnered thousands of likes. He said that he was going to start a club of speakers who would refuse to talk if there was a Twitter screen behind him, stating “it is always train wreck”. For the most part more

True or False: Test Your Mobile Knowledge

If you were born before the ‘90s, then you remember a time when phones served one purpose—to make phone calls. You remember waiting patiently to dial the next number as the wheel made its way around your rotary phone. You remember having to memorize phone numbers and answering the phone more

Need More Convincing about Mobile Event Apps? Check these App Stats…

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know we need to make our event more mobile. But our attendees just aren’t that interested in using an event app yet.” Does this sound like you? You might be right that your crowd isn’t ready for a mobile app just yet. But that situation could change rapidly. Check more
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