October Best Practice - Click Tracking Reports

Natalie Hi! My name is Natalie Ryan and I am a Product Consultant in Cvent's Client Services Department.

These days, one of the most effective ways to market your events is through e-Marketing. You strive to design emails that will increase your registrations, but how do you know if what you’re sending is really working? Cvent’s reports can help!

Not only can you to view who has received and opened your emails, you can also track the number of clicks made on each URL within them. Cvent’s click tracking feature helps you determine which emails and links are getting the most traffic.    

This feature can be activated in the Emails tab. You can control which individual emails should have click tracking enabled by simply checking the box next to “Enable click tracking for HTML email.”

Send Options

Detailed click tracking reports provide you the number of clicks within an email by URL, by an individual invitee or by targeted list. Tracking this valuable data allows you to gauge the level of interest based on the amount of clicks. The more clicks, the more interest! For URLs with a low amount of clicks, you may want to reconsider the link placement, link text or even the audience to increase traffic.

Click Tracking Reports

If you have any questions regarding the Click Tracking features, please contact Cvent Client Services.

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