What You Should Know About Shoulder Seasons and the Booking Window

For years now, the booking window has grown narrower, due to a variety of factors, with the pace of change in many industries, associations and even people’s personal lives (when it comes to planning social events) at the top of the list. Given how quickly a need to meet can pop up (or fade away),...read more

Luxury Air Travel Soars to New Heights with The Residence by Etihad

Do you ever wish you could offer cruise-style amenities to your VIPs on long-haul flights? Well, now with the introduction of The Residence, a first-class, three-room hotel suite offered exclusively through Etihad airways, they can have that cabin in they sky – for a price. This First Class travel...read more

Corporate Event Venues: Upscale Pool Bars

For event planners that are looking for a casual or elegant urban venue that will give guests a chance to cool off, pool bars may fit the bill. It's the perfect setting for urban beach parties, summer soirees, receptions, and cocktail parties. Muzik Day Club & Pool Bar (Toronto) Billed as Toronto's...read more

Road to Vegas: Post-Mortem

The term “post-mortem” in event-planning circles represents a key strategy for solidifying the success of your event and making sure your future events enjoy even greater results. As event planners and marketers know, just because the event ends, doesn’t mean your work is done. After an event – or...read more

5 Reasons Montreal Tops International Meeting Cities of the Americas Ranking

For the 3rd consecutive year, Montreal topped the Leading Host Cities of the Americas for International Meetings ranking in the 2013 International Meetings Statistics report issued by the Union of International Associations (UIA). In view of this announcement, I thought I would share my perspective,...read more

Shoulder Season: Perfect Time to Stretch Meeting Budgets

Shoulder season (also called off-peak season or off-season) is the time of year when demand to a destination tends to be lower. For event and meeting planners on a budget, it's an opportunity to stretch budgets and ensure that attendees enjoy a destination when it is less crowded. There also many...read more

Cashing Out: What We Learned at #CventCMS in Vegas Pt. 1

If you’re reading this blog (and this post), you’re already aware that there’s nothing easy about meetings management. This was a topic at the recent Corporate Meetings Summit held by Cvent in Las Vegas, June 18-20, where it was determined that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as some make it out...read more

#CventCMS #CventAMS Debrief (Part 2): Innovation Pavilion

In Part 1 of this series, Two Killer Keynotes, we explored two high-performing speakers and the tremendous value they delivered to both Cvent Summit audiences (corporate planning professionals & association planning professionals). If you're scouting out keynoters for your next conference, these two...read more

Cvent Kaleidoscope Events Display Art of Wowing Guests #cventcms #cventams

From top-tier clients to high performing employees, there are times when companies need to pull out all the stops to ensure that VIP guests feel valued and appreciated. Never is this more challenging that when planning celebrations for senior event industry professionals who have pretty well seen it...read more

6 Tips for Hosting Executive/Client Town Halls #cventcms #cventams

When planning client meetings, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse and address the specific needs, questions and concerns of clients. As demonstrated effectively by Cvent during the recent Corporate Meeting Summit (#cventcms) and Association Meetings Summit (#cventams), a Town Hall is an...read more
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