Savvy Roommate and Rooming List Strategies

When it is necessary to stretch a budget for a business meeting, internal conference, sales rally, or team building retreat, opting for villas, suites or double occupancy rooms with 2 beds can result in significant savings. On some properties, while there is a shared living room and kitchenette, more

Event Horror Stories: The Quest for the Acceptable Venue

Did this episode sound familiar? Read below, and see how you can avoid a similarly gruesome fate at your events! The hunt for a venue can be a long and exhausting process. As an event planner, you have to come to the table ready to battle and prepared to make sacrifices in the name of size, more

Event Horror Stories: Uninvited Guests

Did this episode sound familiar? Read below, and see how you can avoid a similarly gruesome fate at your events!  The more unregistered guests, the larger the headache.  Inaccurate attendee numbers can be caused by a lot of variables, starting with people forgetting to register or deciding to more

Quick Fixes for 8 Common Event Challenges

Today, I'll suggest strategies for preventing and dealing with 8 common event planning challenges. Food and Beverage Hors d'oeuvres are cold.Prevention: Schedule service start time 15 minutes into the event. Notify the banquet captain if arrivals are later than anticipated so that hors d' more

Turning a Work Obligation Into a Family-Fun Weekend Getaway

Meeting planners agonize over details, from buffet options to signature cocktails, the best audio-visual options and keynote speakers. But the hard work only pays off if the meeting gets people in the door, and that’s where being family-friendly can reap dividends. Sometimes planners can more

Meetings 411: Staying On course for Q4

Earlier in the year, a Cvent blog feature outlined the steps for designing and facilitating year end meetings or kick-offs. The beginning of Q3 or Q4 is the ideal time to pull the team together for a face-to-face meeting to re-visit the goals and objectives set for the year and re-chart your more

And Now, a List of The Best Ways to Spice Up Your Meetings This Fall

Corporate event planning is no longer what it used to be. It’s more creative! Today it’s crucial to create authentic inspirational and non-traditional offerings, true to the destination’s locale, to spice up the experience for attendees. Outside of event design, there are many creative ways to more

Back to School: Fine-tuning Your Analytical and Technical Skills

Last week I suggested over 30 strategies to help event and meeting planners spark their creativity. Analytical skills and knowledge are equally important. They come into play when event planners handle financial data and the detailed calculations and reports that are required for some events. more

15 Tips for Welcoming Unexpected Meeting and Corporate Event Guests

Unexpected arrivals usually fall into 2 categories: Guests arriving at an unexpected time (early or late arrivals). Flights get delayed, major thunderstorms of blizzards can wreak havoc with traffic, and at times there are even unexpected delays on subway systems. Attendees who did not more

Back to School: Learning Resources for Event Planners

In a recent Back to School feature, the Cvent Event Blog identified competencies and skills for event planners. We have previously discussed the concept of the learning smorgasbord. Just as there are a variety of skills to be developed, there are a variety of options available for more
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