Pay Attention to the Basics to Minimize Surprises for Meeting Participants

Sometimes, it's the small details, especially unexpected situations, that can interfere with the satisfaction of event attendees and meeting participants. For meetings to flow smoothly, it's important to attend to a myriad details. Some of these items may seem basic but it is surprising more

A Meeting of the Mind, Body, and Soul. A New Level of Inspiration in Event Experiences.

Evision an office environment where efficiency, innovation, and camaraderie combine perfectly together, resulting in an almost utopian-like work scene. That may seem idealistic, and out of reach, but it can be possible with the perfectly blended corporate, or work, event. Placing greater more

Opportunities Bloom: Meeting Promotions in Bali, Indonesia

Lotus flowers float in waters devoted to Devi Saraswati, goddess of wisdom and the arts, whose temple in Ubud, Bali, is famous. Those brilliant blossoms, a sacred symbol to Hindus, epitomize Bali's gentle beauty and exoticism. Temples, spas, beaches, and shopping are fabulous on the more

Incentive Destinations: Cannes on the French Riviera

Cannes is the quintessential French Riviera destination. There is the iconic La Croisette, a curved bay with a promenade and beaches. Massif de l'Esterel, a mountain range consisting of red volcanic rock is a great location for hiking. Musee de la Castre, in an 11th-century chateau that more

Meetings 411: 10 Key Components of Executive Briefings

The Cvent Event Blog has previously stressed the important role that executive briefings can play in gaining buy-in from all participants. These important presentations by the CEO or another member of the senior management team at the beginning of meetings, internal conferences and team more

Meetings: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

We’ve heard it all before – power executive approved pointers to make meetings more efficient, results driven and all in under an hour to ensure peak productivity.  Enter countless web-based conferencing tools, presentation programs and live social media feeds, reduced time allotments for events more

Cvent Hosts Hackathon for DC High School Students

On August 1, Cvent hosted DCHacks, the Capital area's premier high school hackathon and the largest of its kind on the east coast. For those not in the know, a hackathon is an event in which groups involved in soft- and hardware development collaborate intensively. There are many such events more

Rebooting After 6 Common Meeting Challenges Part II

When meetings go off-track, the most important thing is not panic. Pause and take a breath. And if you need time to work out a solution, call an impromptu break. First, plan for mishaps with these 3 quick tips: Think margin and prepare. It's never a good idea to plan wall-to-wall content more

Why Event Planners Need to Focus on R.O.I....Now

Event planning, by its very nature, tends to attract a lot of creative types. After all, the ability to come up with ideas to dazzle participants and keep them engaged is a key success factor for many types of events. For this reason, many planners focus on the creative aspects of the work at more

6 Tips for Managing Upgrades and Extensions

For many foreign incentive trips and corporate retreats, attendees have the option of extending their stay pre- or post- the time their company has booked at a resort. Some organizations also give participants the option of upgrading to bring spouses and/or children. Here are 6 tips to keep in more
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