Planning Foreign Events as Currencies Fluctuate

Canadian event planners who are in the process of planning foreign incentives trips, retreats, and other corporate events are facing a new challenge this year. The value of the Canadian $ against the US$ has declined steadily since the beginning of last summer and sharply in recent months. more

World Rugby Cup Is UK's Country Wide

This September, the UK will be hosting the 2015 World Rugby Cup. (For those who don't know, Rugby football, the rougher-and-tumblier form of soccer from which American-style gridiron derives, originated in the 19th century; to the uninitiated, the most telltale difference is the lack of helmets more

6 Reasons Your Next Corporate Event Should be in Chattanooga, TN

There are numerous details when planning meetings, conventions, trade shows and reunions. Chattanooga wants to make that process as easy as possible for you. Our team is ready to provide you with complimentary assistance in planning your event, making sure that everything runs smoothly more

Accessibility Guidelines Around the World

As event planners design meetings and events, it's important to ensure compliance with all accessibility regulations in the jurisdictions where they are having their meetings. Even if a particular destination does not have legislation, referring to the guidelines of other jurisdictions will more

Corporate Event Venues: More Indoor Rainforests

In the final weeks of winter, your guests would appreciate a change of climate and the literal change of scenery indoor rainforests offer. Fortunately, you can find indoor rainforests closer to home than expected. The Lied Jungle (Omaha, Nebraska) You'll find The Lied Jungle, the largest more

Turn Your Next Event Into An Adventure At Universal Orlando® Resort

Orlando, Florida may have a well-deserved reputation as a family vacation destination, but there’s a reason why it’s such a popular events location as well. With two jaw-dropping theme parks and a dazzling dining and entertainment complex, Universal Orlando® Resort can offer your attendees a more

Foreign Site Inspections on a Shoestring

When selecting venues, photos on websites and YouTube videos can only go so far. Site inspections are extremely important to ensure that there are no surprises. With many organizations continuing to face budget constraints, foreign site inspections aren't always possible. Despite the risks more

Meetings 411: 6 Tips for Quick Set-up

If it seems that set-up time is shrinking, you're not imagining it. Whether you're planning off-site or onsite meetings, space is often at a premium. With back-to-back meetings booked at popular venues, unless a client is willing to pay to to ensure early access to meeting rooms, set-up is more

8 Ways to Refresh Your Annual Conference

An annual conference provides the unique opportunity to bond relationships between peers, clients, investors, vendors, and prospective business partners. It creates a stage where people can come together and reflect on exceptional accomplishments as well as opportunities missed throughout the year, more

Cvent CONNECT Chronicles: Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Event of the Year

The three-day, all-inclusive Cvent CONNECT conference is just months away! It’s a VIP experience that not only delivers the industry's most transformative thought leadership opportunities, it offers an entertaining conference experience packed with opportunities for meeting new people in more
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