15 Tips for Welcoming Unexpected Meeting and Corporate Event Guests

Unexpected arrivals usually fall into 2 categories: Guests arriving at an unexpected time (early or late arrivals). Flights get delayed, major thunderstorms of blizzards can wreak havoc with traffic, and at times there are even unexpected delays on subway systems. Attendees who did not RSVP...read more

Dedicated Meeting Concierges: A Triple Win to Reduce Stress

The pace at many events is non-stop. As a result, many event planners routinely go home from events exhausted and find it challenging to achieve career/life balance. A dedicated meeting concierge, assigned to work exclusively with your group, provides extra support and can greatly reduce the stress...read more

Victorian Castles: Perfect Venues for Holiday Events

There is something about Victorian castles, decked out in holiday fare, that adds a touch of magic to the festive season. With their cathedral ceilings, chandeliers, candelabras, and period furniture, these venues are guaranteed to delight even the most discerning guests. Keep this in mind as summer...read more

Canadian Spas: Perfect Places to Promote Balance

Some organizations still have their overseas event plans in a holding pattern. Fortunately, when compared with the price of overseas travel, spas can be a cost-effective way to reward teams. Spas are far from frivolous: In addition to being excellent venues for reward and recognition, some spas have...read more

Incentive Destinations: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec

Located on the western tip of Montreal in an upscale area known as "The Lakeshore" or "The West Island," Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, location of a Parks Canada National Historic Site, is a favourite day trip destination for Montrealers. The Iroquois and Algonquin First Nations had settlements in this...read more

Event Planner Smarts: Eating and Drinking on the Job

Recently, Kevin England, CEO of Vonazon Inc., wrote an interesting LinkedIn blog post called Why Eating on the Job is Never Appropriate. The main focus was on trade show booth etiquette but this issue is relevant to all event planners. I shared the post with the Event Planning and Event Management...read more

International Event Planning: 10 Tips for Clarifying and Managing Expectations

When event and meeting planners manage meetings and events on home turf, there is usually a shared set of expectations. When venturing to foreign shores, venues and clients may have a different set of norms, expectations and standard business procedures. It's an excellent opportunity to pick up new...read more

Why Savvy Companies Start Planning for Christmas in the Summer

Like the holiday itself, Christmas event planning comes every year. In the summer, it may seem too early to start. Yet, to ensure a group's first choice of venues and entertainment, Christmas event planning should ideally begin no later than July. (Even in July, the most popular venues will be fully...read more

Road to #holidayparties 2014: The Ah-HA Moment

“Often, planners really won’t know what they envision for their event until they see it first hand," says Rick Pedram, director of catering and conference services at the historic Eldorado Hotel & Spa in downtown Santa Fe. "When they do, there’s that 'ah-ha’ moment.”  For most planners, however, the...read more
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