Ignite Business Event Expo Keynotes Encourage Persistence and Creativity

A few hours after Ignite Business Event Expo 2014 opened, the booths were temporarily closed and Jennifer Gilbert, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of New York's Save the Date stood at the podium. She quickly moved beyond her polished image and reminded us that while "the scars don't show" how...read more

Promotions Hub: Florida Shines Night and Day

Are you ready for some sunshine? Florida has deals for groups and budgets of all sizes to soak up some great accommodations, dining, and event venues in the Sunshine State. From fabulous shopping, legendary theme parks, historic state parks, nature preserves, and outdoor (and indoor) adventures in a...read more

Event Planning Inspiration from Toronto's ReelWorld Film Festival

Initially, the similarities between film festivals, corporate events, conferences, and trade shows may not be apparent, however, these seemingly disparate events actually share a number of common elements. The ReelWorld Film Festival, which opened in Toronto a few days ago, is a prime example of a...read more

Why Go Mobile Webinar: 5 Tips from an Event Planner

Our recent webinar, Why Go Mobile, focused on mobile trends you should bring back to your organization and its events. While we always have plenty to say on the topic of mobile apps for events, our guest speaker had an interesting story to share. Joe Ventimiglia is responsible for Checkers & Rally's...read more

4 Approaches to Measuring Meeting R.O.I.

Last week's post about Corporate Event Design and R.O.I.  generated a lot of discussion on LinkedIn and it went viral on Twitter. Clearly, there is a lot of interest in measuring the R.O.I. of meetings and corporate events. In addition to the Event ROI Institute methodology we discussed last week,...read more

A Quick Quora Primer for Event Planners

Launched in 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, 2 former Facebook employees, Quora is still one of the best-kept secrets of the social media world. Event planners in search of answers can find them by heading over to Quora. Quora is a question-and-answer platform similar to the Question and...read more

Meetings 411: Corporate Event Design and R.O.I.

Mention the words "meeting design" or "event design" to a group of event planners and it will quickly become evident that the terms mean different things to different people. This was evident in the over 150 comments in "How important is the design of your event?", a discussion in the Event Planning...read more

8 Spring Themes for Corporate Events

It's official. After much anticipation, while it may take a few weeks for all of the snow to melt, spring is at least officially here. It's time to get creative and plan corporate events with a spring flair. Here are some themes guaranteed to put corporate groups in the mood for spring: Cherry...read more

Luxury Beach Resorts on The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

As I have been traveling to Dubai since 2000, I have had the pleasure of watching the new Dubai take shape out of the desert and emerge from the water. Many luxury hotels and resorts have opened since then but space does sell out fast. Corporate groups planning to go to Dubai this season, have just...read more

12 Steps for Influencing Corporate Clients to Make the Best Decisions

A myriad of decisions and logistical details can make or break corporate events. Event planners can add tremendous value by sharing their expertise to ensure that events runs smoothly, safely and free from logistical glitches. As event planners are rarely the final decision makers, influence is a...read more
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