5 Buffet Dinner Tips

DessertWhen you're planning a dinner, the purpose is always more than just to enjoy some fine food. Buffet dinners, a lot of the time, are an ideal way to get guests to mingle and network.

Here are five buffet dinner tips to ensure that guests are comfortable and dinner proceeds tastefully:

1. Plan your menu with food that keeps well. Opt for items that has lasting power on the buffet. Avoid anything that can't endure the temperature in the room and that won't dry up, crust over, or change color if left out for too long.

2. Ensure that there is a distinction between the dinner and the hors d'oeuvres. You want variety in your menu.

3. Avoid foods that can't be eaten with just a fork, especially for stand-up events. This means avoid large pieces of meat, ribs, slippery seafood like raw clams or muscles, saucy pastas like lasagne...nothing that requires a fork and knife--just a fork.

4. Use plates with a raised lip. It helps ensure that food stays on the plate. And triple the plate count since smaller plates at a stand-up event could mean multiple trips to the buffet table and a fresh plate each time.

5. Avoid having disgruntled guests and long lines at seated buffet events by having an appetizer and/or a salad served at the table so initially, everyone has something to gnosh on as they wait to serve themselves.
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