5 Creative Event Sponsorship Solutions

HandshakeAre you stumped on coming up with some creative sponsorship ideas other than the usual logo placement,display area and website link? Do you want new, creative ways to give sponsors exposure without slapping a logo on everything?

Here are five innovative sponsorship solutions:

1. Know someone with creative skills you need -- say a graphic designer or photographer -- but don't have the budget to pay them for it? Contact the person's employer and ask the company to sponsor your event by donating his/her time to some creative work on the event.

2. Instead of recognizing sponsors with logo display on a boring PowerPoint loop, do messaging throughout the day for each sponsor highlighting their business's philanthropic achievements. It's engaging, interactive and the audience will love it.

3. Sell naming rights to specific real estate, e.g. "The Absolut Martini Lounge." Integrating the sponsor's name into the specific rights can provide a foundation for on-site activation.

4. Create a contest for top member-selected sponsors or products to present an "award" at your event.

5. Incorporate your sponsor's logo into the online registration process.
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