5 Ideas for Media-Friendly Events

VideographerIf your objective is to capture media attention with your event (for example, in launching a new venue or product), you need to look for ways to capture the imagination of journalists. It is not enough to simply invite the media to your event and leave them on their own. Here are a few ideas and tips:

• Send teaser emails reminding them of the date of your event by giving a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations for the event.
• Set up a live chat room to discuss the facilities.
• Hold an exclusive reception for the media, their guests and celebrities, ensuring photo opportunities and time for quality interviews.
• Arrange to have photographs of reporters with celebrity guests, which can be developed and placed in discreetly logoed frames to be handed out at the end of the evening with their press kits. 
• Assign someone to greet them, show them around and to introduce them to key individuals.

A good public relations company or professional can assist with your guest list and ensure that the right people are invited to your event; they can also help create press releases and press kits for your media guests.
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