5 Tips for Event Centerpieces

5 Tips for Centerpieces Centerpieces can be a major part of an event’s theme and contribute to the overall cohesiveness of the affair. Here are some points to help any savvy event planner keep costs low and cover all bases:

1. Make sure guests can see each other over them.
It’s easy to get carried away with centerpieces: water fountains, wet rock gardens, firework candles, you name it. A good rule of thumb is to make sure guests at a table can see the person across from them. Otherwise you run the risk of your beautiful creation becoming an obstacle and a barrier, not a centerpiece that adds to the event.

2. Flowers as centerpieces.
If you are using flowers in your centerpieces it is important to consider how they will look and the effect of combined fragrances. Do they compliment one another, or do the flowers give off an overpowering stinky scent?

Also, make sure you know the language of flowers as it pertains to the guest’s customs. Make sure no flowers, colors or numbers are offensive. For example, in some cultures, white roses are only used for funerals--not the best choice for the wedding you’re planning

3. Get free flowers.
On a budget? Consider asking your local grocery store's floral department for their discarded flowers. Usually, grocery stores discard flowers and arrangements at the end of the day. These flowers are usually in good enough shape to use for an event on that day or the next morning.

4. Expect guests to walk off with them.
Be prepared for your centerpieces to walk away at the end of the night. Some guests expect to be able to take the centerpiece with them, like a VIP guest, or someone who’s just dropped $10,000 for a table at your charity event. If the centerpieces are rented, this could pose a major problem. The last thing you want to tell a major donor is that they can’t take the centerpiece. So, in all cases, be prepared by working this into your budget.

5. Potted centerpieces make great gift donations.
Consider potted plants for your next corporate event so they can be sent to a nursing home or hospice afterwards. You may even insert little cards stating they are being donated, thus earning community service points for your corporate client.
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