A Creative Way to Develop an Event Design

Garden You've met with your client and have come up with the proposed event's purpose, objective and format. As the event designer, you're tasked with coming up with the best way to present and execute the event with creativity and imagination so it meets your client's needs. 

Develop your concept with word associations.

With your objective and your targeted audience in mind, come up with five words that describe your client. Tap into color, art, music, a feeling, verbs, places. Anything that comes to mind is applicable. Next, concentrate on the best two or three words and use them to build a concept for your affair. 

So for a product launch, you already know the objective is to capture media attention. But to design the event and determine the affair's look and feel, be inspired by the words you associate with your client. "White," "fresh"and "feminine" are words that may work as building blocks for an elegant garden affair with lots of sultry details, and fresh white flowers. Similarly, "chic," "art" and "loud" conjure up images of an art and music infused trunk show at a downtown art gallery for your colorful, rock-n-roll inspired T-shirt client.
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