June Sourcing Best Practice - Filter Venues by Star Rating

Shelley Casey Hi! My name is Shelley Casey and I support planner users as a Product Consultant in Cvent's Client Services Department.

Many planners I work with benefit from third party ratings as a method for qualifying venues in the sourcing process. If your next supplier search relies on hotel ratings for client needs, policy standards, or overall meeting requirements, I’m excited to share how you can take advantage of the new Star Rating filter in the Cvent Supplier Network. Powered by Northstar’s hotel ratings, it has never been easier or faster to apply industry-leading hotel ratings to your venue selection.

Group and narrow hotels with the Star Rating filter options available in the Advanced Search & Applied Filters. Select one or several Star Rating checkboxes in the center column on the initial Search Screen. If you cannot see this page, click the Advanced Search link below the Region dropdown to expand the criteria. Click Search and the system will return results based on the location and these selections.

Cvent Supplier Network Advanced Search

From the Search Results, utilize the Star Rating category on the left to select relevant hotel designations. Any hotels that are not currently rated with Northstar Travel Media are found in the ‘Unrated’ category. To select several values, click More Choices.

Filter by Star Rating

A hotel's current Star Rating is also listed to the right of the venue name and description within the Search Results.

Star Ratings in Search Results

For more information on how ratings are gathered, click ‘About Our Star Ratings’ or ‘What’s this?’ on either Search page. Hotels can submit questions or requests to be rated by Northstar Travel Media to CventHotelReq@ntmllc.com.

If you have questions about how to use this feature, or about the Cvent Supplier Network please contact our Supplier Support line at 866-318-4357 option 2.

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