October Sourcing Best Practice - Get Organized with Message History

Layne Hi! My name is Layne Coffman and I am a Product Consultant in Cvent's Client Services Department.

I regularly work with busy planners struggling to keep their communications with suppliers linked to their RFPs for quick and easy reference. My best practice tip this month is to use the Supplier Network Message History to store and reference any messages that you include when sending out your RFP, any messages that suppliers include when sending you their proposal, and any messages that you send using the custom Send Email feature.  

When clicking on a stored message you can see who at the venue specifically received your message, along with a timestamp and the full message content, providing you with concise message history.  

Message History

Note: If a supplier sends an email to you outside of Cvent, through their email system (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo) it cannot be tracked in Cvent.

 If you have any questions or would like a complimentary review for other best practices, please contact Cvent’s Client Services team.

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