12 Days of Saving Money: Don't Be Scared of the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Wrapped PresentEbenezer Scrooge may have been terrified to be visited by three ghosts of Christmas past, but when it comes to planning your holiday party, you should welcome the ghosts of past parties with open arms.

Why? You can use holiday party history to your advantage when it comes to negotiating with event venues and suppliers. Look at how much you and your event planning team spent on the space, food & beverage, rentals, etc., last year, the year before and so forth. Leverage your venue history to get the best rates and availability—they'll be jumping at the chance to give you what you want once they see what your group business is worth!

Your party past also works to your advantage outside of venue negotiation. Perhaps last year you had nearly 100 percent attendance, while you had expected (and planned enough food for) only 60 percent. Or maybe you ran out of drinks before you attendees were ready to end the party. This information will serve as a great reference point for what will keep your guests happy this year.
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