12 Days of Saving Money: 3 Tips for Encouraging Party Attendance

Wrapped PresentNone of my 12 Days of Saving Money tips matter if no one attends your holiday event. After all, no matter what kind of deal you get food & beverage, venue space and other party planning essentials, it will all be a waste if no one is there to enjoy it.

As such, today's tips are dedicated to how to keep attrition rates at your holiday events low, ensuring that all of your other cost-cutting efforts have not been in vain!

Know your audience. Plan a party that suits your invitees. If your group is a more mature crowd, consider a small dinner at a local restaurant. Planning for a younger crowd of 20-somethings? Book a downtown hotspot for late-night cocktails and dancing.

Send a reminder. The holidays are a busy time for everybody. It's very possible that your event is one of many on your invitees' calendars. A reminder email prior to your event is a helpful way to keep your party on their minds. Go one step further and allow invitees to add the event to their Outlook calendar as soon as they accept your event invitation.

Location, location, location. The number one rule in real estate rings true for your holiday events as well. Select an event venue location that is convenient to the majority of your attendees. For late-night events involving alcohol, pick a venue that is accessible via the most popular method of public transportation. To really encourage attendance, offer to comp the cost of bus fare or even taxis. If your event budget allows, you could even charter transportation to and from the venue.
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