12 Days of Saving Money: Cutting Costs on Food

Holiday PresentWhen it comes to holiday events, the food is always one of the main stars of the show. It's important feed your guests well, but how can you do it at a low cost? Enter our second day of saving money on your holiday events.

When selecting the meal for your seasonal event, don't be afraid to select a less expensive entree. Pick the turkey or chicken over the lamb or steak. Pasta is also a great, filling and low-cost alternative.

Think your guests will be less than impressed? Not likely. These less expensive entrees tend to be more common flavors that will appeal to more of your event guests than the escargot.

Plus, when it comes to holiday parties, many of the guests will spend more of their time at the bar, mingling with other guests, or on the dance floor—they're not going to want to spend time sitting down to a complex meal. Keep it simple and delicious—and you'll save money too!
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