12 Days of Saving Money: Get a Deal on Your Holiday Venue

Wrapped PresentGone are the days of wanting the latest and greatest piece of technology, most sought-after fashion accessory or in-demand toy (well, we still may want them, but we're a little more realistic about what we can actually get.) Instead, this holiday season, the number 1 item on our wish list is a little extra cash!

To celebrate the season and its new-found frugality, I've come up with 12 easy ways to save money on your meetings and events. Welcome to Day 1! Today's tip involves saving money on your holiday party venue.

Due to the down economy and the decrease in how many companies are even having off-site events this year, you're already at an advantage when it comes to negotiating a price at your event venue of choice. To save even more money, make sure to reach out to multiple venues. You'll you be able to get an overview into what each location is willing to offer you, and at what cost. Compare and contrast your options, and don't be afraid to use your quotes from other locations in your negotiation!
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