12 Days of Saving Money: Remember the Meaning of the Holidays

Wrapped PresentHappy Holidays, everyone! I hope you've enjoyed the past 12 Days of Saving Money and taken away some valuable tips for your parties this year, next year, or even throughout the coming months.

The final tip of the series relates to remembering what the holidays are really about: spending time with family and friends and making memories. With this in mind, why not have your holiday party be a homemade affair?

Host the event in your office or the large home that one of your colleagues or association members generously offers up. Get music requests from the attendees and download them to your iPod as easy, affordable entertainment. Recruit some of the best chefs on your team to cook appetizers and desserts themselves. Or, get everyone involved and host a holiday potluck.

Everyone's scaling down on the holiday party this year, with good reason. But that doesn't mean it has to be a blue Christmas. Remember that what your attendees are really looking for is a relaxing break from the grind when they can get together with friends. Keep that in mind, and your event is sure to be a success—on any budget!
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