3 Great "Do-Good" Themes for Team Building Events

Team Building GroupNow that you know some of the benefits of team building activities, you may be wondering exactly what type of activity to plan for your next event. With all the opinions out there on what is the best way to strengthen employee bonds, it's easy to get lost in the mix and fall back on your usual company happy hour or picnic.

Don't get discouraged! Those events, while great, won't serve to really, well, build your team. Instead, consider a few of the following types of team building activities to focus your efforts. They'll get your attendees to both work together and to feel good about themselves and your organization.

Go green. Environmental consciousness is the big trend for meetings and events these days, why not carry it into your team building activities as well? Organize a trash clean-up of a local park, or work with local authorities to organize a tree planting.

Educate teams on how their efforts are offsetting carbon emissions and helping to preserve ecosystems.

Give back. Volunteering to serve at a local soup kitchen or to re-paint the local library are tried-and-true options for giving back to the community as a group. You can also consider something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary such as partnering with a local boy's and girl's club to build bikes for children.

You could even challenge teams to raise a certain amount of money for a local charity or non-profit, then let them be creative with how to go about doing so.

Be active. If your event attendees are an active group, incorporating physical activity into your team building may be ideal. However, you don't have to do the usual obstacle course or Olympic Games. The wealth of walks, runs and races held for charitable causes throughout the year and across the nation can be great out-of-office bonding events.

Have your employees join teams and make T-shirts. Set up a concessions area stocked with drinks, snacks and chairs where participants can rest and chat after the race is over.
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