3 Key Benefits of Using Meeting Cards

Have you started using meeting cards as part of your Strategic Meetings Management program? If not, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to consider doing so. Here are a few key benefits they provide:

Less time spent on paperwork. Meeting cards streamline payment processes, which means you'll spend less time tracking invoices, writing multiple checks, etc. Time normally spend processing invoices, check requests, and other routine paperwork can be devoted to more important tasks.

Oversight into ALL meetings. If your organization is planning several events (and spending a lot of money on meetings), meeting cards can make it so much easier to track your spending and budget items and reconcile your accounts. A meeting cards program can be especially useful for organizations that host multiple meetings throughout the year. Using a meeting card as part of your SMM solution makes it easy for you and your colleagues to keep an eye on even the smaller meetings put together by non-planners, which otherwise might get lost in the mix or filed improperly under miscellaneous expenses.

Accountability to the organization. Budgets are tightening across all departments these days, especially in meeting planning. Using a meeting card to record and track your meeting spend provides a detailed, permanent record. This record can than quickly be used to create reports that show how and why you spent as you did.

Learn more about using meeting cards as part of your Strategic Meetings Management solution by contacting Cvent today. And don't forget to check out our recent webcast with Business Travel News on Making Meetings More Efficient, now available at our Event Resources page.
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