3 Reasons Why Michael Scott Needs Cvent for The Office

It's Thursday, and for many of us here at Cvent, that means it's time for another episode of NBC's The Office! For those not familiar with the program (you should start watching!), here's a quick recap of last week's episode: Michael Scott, former boss of the Dundler Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton office, has recently quit his job and started the Michael Scott Paper Company. His new idea for drumming up business and getting some positive word-of-mouth? Host an event! A pancake luncheon event, to be exact.

Michael decides to invite his prospects to the luncheon via Evite.

Michael Scott's Pancake Luncheon Evite

He says, "I have sent out an Evite for our big grand opening pancake luncheon. Six Yes's, one Maybe, only 11 No's...and 788 not-yet-replied's. But, of that group, 782 have viewed it."

It's great that Michael can use Evite to quickly create an invitation and get some data on who is attending and who is not. But a 0.2 percent response rate? He could do better than that.

That's where Cvent comes in. Check out my three ideas for how Michael Scott could use Cvent to boost attendance to his pancake luncheon:

1. Use regret surveys to turn a No into a Yes! The 11 invitees who said No may have done so for a number a reasons. Perhaps they had a schedule conflict, or the location was inconvenient. Maybe they just don't like pancakes—I know plenty of people who prefer the nooks and crannies of a waffle or the savory add-ins of an omelet.

By creating a regret survey, Michael could find out exactly why his invitees said No. Then, he could use this information when hosting future events, or even use it to tweak the luncheon now. No matter what, a simple "Do you want more information on my paper company?" would help him capture any leads who simply cannot make the event, but would like to learn more.

2. Send automatic reminders. We live in a busy world, and when event invitees receive another email in their box, it's likely that many of them won't have the time to open it right way. This can be a problem when it comes to email invitations; what if your invitees save your invitation for later then completely forget to open it?

Scheduling automatic reminders to be sent to all your undecided invitees solves this problem. An email reminder prompts all those contacts who were out at a meeting, busy on a phone call, or just too caught up in work to read your invitation this time. Our clients usually see a big spike in registration after sending out an invitation reminder, so sending reminders to Michael's 788 not-yet-replied's would have definitely helped.

3. Let attendees "Tell-a-Friend."
Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful thing. Think about it: how much more likely are you to purchase a product, request a service, or, in this case, sign up for an event if one of your friends or colleagues recommends it? If just one of Michael's attendees tells three friends, and one of those three tells three more friends—you get the idea. Soon he'll have captured a decent-sized audience that he didn't even know to contact.

Cvent lets you add a Tell-a-Friend feature on your event invitations. In some cases, our clients have seen a 10 percent to 50 percent higher attendance rate thanks to this viral marketing of their event, so it's definitely something to consider!

Evite can be a great tool for sending invitations online. But when it comes down to it, only software like Cvent can offer you the tools to improve attendance to your events (not to mention cut costs, help manage your budget, etc.)

If Michael wanted to make the Michael Scott Paper Company grow with its events, I'd definitely recommend he check out Cvent!

Watch the full episode of NBC's The Office (Michael's evite comes up at around 3:15!)

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