3 Restaurant Venues Where Famed Foodies Like to Eat

Budget Travel recently surveyed the world's best chefs, cookbook authors, food writers, cooking show hosts and specialty food purveyors on their favorite places to eat. They came up with an extensive list of restaurants, from fast food burger chains to pizzerias, street stalls to five-star eateries.

When planning your next cocktail reception or dinner function, treat your attendees to expert-approved cuisine at what are just a few of the restaurant venues that made the list:

The Pit - RaleighThe Pit

The authentic North Carolina barbecue, cooked over charcoal and wood, served up at this Raleigh establishment meets the approval of Patrick Ford, V.P. of international marketing for Ford's Gourmet Foods, not to mention that of publications such as The New York Times, Bon Appetit and Gourmet Magazine. Pitmaster Ed Mitchell starts with pigs raised in the state using only organic farm practices, adds in authentic sides such as collard greens, fried okra, and black eyed peas, and pairs it all with handpicked beers, cocktails and spirits.

Private dining space is available at The Pit, which boasts a relaxed ambiance noted by red brick walls and colorful pendant lighting. Full-service catering is also available.

Bon Ton Cafe

The charming atmosphere and soulful cooking of this haute Creole restaurant is enough to keep John Besh, executive chef of August, Luke, Besh Steak, and La Provence, coming back. Housed in the 1840s Natchez building, this New Orleans restaurant encompasses the spirit and liveliness of the Cajun people in its etoufees, Cajun-style bisques, slow-cooked one-pot meals and more.

Bon Ton Cafe is available for private parties Saturday and Sunday. The restaurant can accommodate 100 people.

Candle 79

In New York City's ever-growing foodie scene, it's hard to get noticed. But Candle 79 has managed to grab the attention of Gabrielle Hamilton, chef/owner of New York restaurant Prune, and the planners of events such as Arianna Huffington's book signing party, Paul McCartney's pre- and post-concert parties, and Rolling Stone & Men's Health Woody Harrelson Celebrity Lunch—all of which were catered by Candle 79. Meat lovers shouldn't be quick to write off its vegan cooking, though, as menu items such as the classic Caesar salad with tempeh bacon and the Tuscan seitan parmesan sandwich are sure to have mouths watering.

Candle 79 provides catering in New York for special events and less formal functions.
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