4 Attendance-Boosting Tactics for Non-Early Bird Registrants

Early bird discounts can be a great way to boost attendance to your event. After all, it's hard for anyone to resist a deal!

But what about all those attendees who managed to resist your reduced registration rate—how can you encourage them to sign up as well?

Send reminders. We're all busy professionals, and it's not uncommon for our inboxes to be maxed out. Especially during the summer when many of us take days off for vacation (i.e. aren't around to check the inbox every five minutes), it's even more likely that event invitations get lost in the flow. Sending a simple, non-intrusive reminder is a great way to catch your invitee's attention.

Promote your meeting's value. Value is driving all decisions these days: in order to get someone to pay for your event, they need to have a clear idea of how it will benefit them. Make sure you clearly communicate the value of your event (keynote speakers, educational sessions, etc.) as often as you can to attendees via your invitations, reminders, event website, etc.

Reach out through multiple channels. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventful—these days there are many more ways to market your event than the tried-and-true email invitations and websites. Figure out where your target audience hangs out and connect with (not spam!) them.

Offer a special. Like I said, it's hard for people to resist a deal. Following your early bird deadline, consider implementing a new special price or some other incentive (e.g. half-price registration for a guest) to entice invitees. Just remember not to make it an even better deal than the early bird one; you want to avoid upsetting your early adopters as well as avoid coming across as desperate for registrants.
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