4 Things to Look For in an Event Sourcing Tool, Part I

The event sourcing and Request for Proposal (RFP) process is critical to the success of any meeting. After all, finding the right venue starts you on the path to a great event down the line.

Because the site selection process is so critical, it's no surprise that more and more tools and resources are popping up online, promising planners a faster and more effective way to find and book venues. How can you be sure which one is right for you? I've come up with a list of four basic criteria that all effective sourcing tools should have. Today, we'll start with number 1: a range of venue options.

Go-to meeting destinations such as hotels, convention centers, and auditoriums are popular venues for many planners. As such, they comprise the basic foundation of any site selection tool.

However, they are by no means the only options for meeting planners. Those planning smaller events certainly won't require the vast space of a convention center, while those just looking to hold a cocktail reception have no need for the presentation technology offered at an auditorium or arena. And no matter what the meeting type, all planners are recognizing the importance of exploring their venue type options in the interest of lowering costs.

So, while good site selection tools will offer the basic venues, great ones will be more comprehensive. Can you search for banquet halls and corporate office space? What about museums and restaurants? Even movie theaters can be an appropriate, economical venue choice for planners. Make sure your site selection tool encompasses a wide range of options.
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