4 Things to Look for in an Event Sourcing Tool, Part II

Now you know that every quality event sourcing tool will offer a range of venues. Let's move on to the second thing to look for when picking a good tool: plenty of ways to search.

Faced with several venue options, the "searchability" of your event sourcing tool is a critical component. In order to meet the diverse needs of your events, sourcing tools should offer a variety of criteria by which you can filter your venue search quickly and efficiently.

Location and venue type are the initial search criteria for most planners. However, these will often leave you with an overload of options. The ability to narrow your search by total meeting space, the number of meeting rooms, the number of sleeping rooms (for overnight events) can help you find a venue that more closely matches your needs. Distance from the airport and available amenities are also search criteria you may look for in an effective sourcing tool.

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