4 Things to Look for in an Event Sourcing Tool, Part III

Let's discuss number three of the 4 Things to Look for in an Event Sourcing Tool series: venue information and statistics.

Some site selection tools only take you halfway, offering a venue search that returns little more than a property listing with respective phone numbers and websites. This requires you to go outside of the tool to find any pertinent venue information. Basically, you might as well have done your own web search to begin with—the tool didn't add any value to your process.

A good event sourcing tool, however, does the work for you. You won't have to
do any time-consuming research on your own. It should be a single spot to find all the important details about meeting suppliers.

Make sure your tool offers comprehensive venue profiles that list more than just a simple street address. A breakdown of the meeting space, amenity listings, maps, and image galleries are all elements included in a worthwhile sourcing tool.

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