4 Things to Look for in an Event Sourcing Tool, Part IV

We've come to the fourth and final basic element of what to look for in a good event sourcing tool: a Request for Proposal (RFP) component.

Finding a few suitable venue options was just the first step in your sourcing process. Creating and sending RFPs are the efforts that complete your work and, hopefully, secure the best deal.

It makes sense that a quality site selection tool can support you the whole way. After all, what's the point of using it to find and select a few potential suppliers just to have to leave it behind and use other methods to create and send RFPs?

A good tool should have a strong RFP element. For those unfamiliar with creating RFPs, it should offer a step-by-step creation process that highlights the most important information to include in your proposals. For those well-versed in the process, it should allow you to attach already-created RFPs, or even let you copy past RFPs and then update the information. Overall, it should offer an easy and effective link between searching for suppliers and actually contacting them for a bid.

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