4 Tips for Signature Cocktail Selection

Signature CocktailI recently blogged about serving one or two signature cocktails at your events to save money without sacrificing drink service at your events. If you think a signature cocktail is just what your next reception needs, but aren't sure where to start, read my 4 tips on cocktail selection:

Think in season. Using fresh fruits, fruit juices and garnishes make for even better cocktails. Apples and cranberries make for great for cocktails at fall events, while berries liven up libations served during the late spring and summer.

Think local. Similar to considering the season, taking into account the destination of your event can better gear you toward fresh, tasty ingredients. For example, tropical fruits like pineapple and mango are well-suited not only in taste but in theme for meetings in the Caribbean or near tropics.

Think appropriate. When you're only offering one or two mixed drinks, it's important to pick selections that will have the most appeal to your audience. Are most of your attendees young or old? Men or women? Take the most-likely drink preferences into account when planning your picks, and remember not to select anything too extreme.

Think memorable. The whole point of a "signature" drink is for it to represent the occasion. Use the opportunity for a little extra branding. Incorporate the colors and images tied to your event and/or organization into the drink.
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