4 Ways to Save on Drink Costs at Your Holiday Party

Wine Glass and CorksThough the holiday season hasn't officially begun, the planning season certainly has. Getting a jump start on your party planning is the best way to keep organized, stay sane and get some great deals.

No holiday party would be complete without some "cheer," and by that I mean alcohol, of course. The price of drinks can get pretty expensive, but luckily, there are some easy ways to save on drink costs at your upcoming holiday events. Consider these four tips for cutting back on budget while still allowing your guests to cut loose:

Ask about dead stock wine. Often times hotels and restaurants will pull wines from their main list, but will still have a few bottles left over. You can get these high-quality wines for a low price, just in a limited quantity.

Share with others. Ask your event venue about other events that may be going on before yours. You can often times use opened, but not finished, bottles of liquor and spirits from these events at a discount.

Control portions. Require your bartenders to use measurement devices like Precision Pours, which will dole out accurate and even drinks. Consistent pours will cut back on spillage and generous portions, helping to stretch your drinks budget further.

Don't uncork. That is, not until you need to. Uncorking wine before it is about to be poured could leave you paying for several open bottles that weren't even used. Just hold off and open as you go.
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