4 Ways to Stay on Top of Tweets About Your Event

You may already have the news and announcement updates down, what with early bird registration deadlines, keynote speaker confirmations and more fitting easily into that category.

What might not seem as easy is attendee interaction on Twitter. As the event planner, you're well-versed in all the goings-on of the event, and would be more than happy to answer questions and join discussions about it. The problem is, how do you know if questions and discussions are even happening somewhere on the Twittersphere?

Here are four ways to stay on top of the Twitter conversation about your event:

@ replies. Attendees who know that your event has a Twitter page will often send messages to you via an @ reply. All they have to do is write a message and include the @ symbol and your Twitter user name. These messages will automatically appear in your account. Just click on the @name link on the right-hand side.

Direct messages. Anyone you approve to follow you can send you a direct message, which is similar to an @ reply except that it's not public. Check for these in your account by clicking on Direct Messages" on the right-hand side.

Alert services. Many free tools allow you to sign up to receive notifications on certain keywords of interest to you. It would make sense, for example, to sign up to receive an alert whenever the name of your event is used by someone on Twitter. You can even customize the time you receive alerts, the words included and/or excluded in your search, the location from which tweets were sent, and more.

Real-time monitoring. A number of services are availble to monitor what is being said about your event in real-time, many of them free. For example, PeopleBrowsr allows you to manage feeds for multiple keywords. You can view the tweets that used your keyword, who said them, when they were sent and more.

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