5 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Association Events

You know that the majority of associations are using social networks. Many of them are also using or interested in using social networks solely to promote their events, according to a recent survey by Omnipress. Why? The following are some of the top reasons cited by associations currently using social media for their events:

Networking• To create pre-event interest/enthusiasm
• To facilitate interaction among conference participants
• To increase attendance
• To capture summaries, opinions, reviews and other feedback from attendees
• To allow members who cannot attend stay connected to the conference

Even associations who are not currently using a social networking site can appreciate their value. Respondents noted that they can be valuable for:

• Connecting attendees with each other through common profile interests
• Facilitating online interaction between attendees and speakers for questions and answers before/during/after the event
• Providing attendees with "daily news" email updates on conference happenings

Overall, it's this idea of connection and communication that social media networks foster that appeals to associations when it comes to their events. After all, as one survey respondent said, "Over 50 percent of our conference attendees have indicated that their primary reason for attendance at national meetings is networking." What better way to encourage this this than with social media?

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