5 Tweet Ideas to Keep Your Event Twitter Page Thriving

Twitter LogoBy now you know that you should be using Twitter for event promotion. You've even gone so far as to sign up for an account. The problem is, you can't think of a thing to say!

There's nothing worse that starting up a social media effort, only to nothing with it. If you're not going to actually use your Twitter account to connect with your attendees, it's better to not have one at all.

I want to help you avoid this fate. There is plenty for you to tweet (aka send messages) about regarding your event. In fact, here are five easy, fast, and foolproof ideas:

Ask for suggestions from your audience. Social media is called "social" for a reason: it's meant to get people together and talking. So why not use your Twitter event page to ask your attendees for thoughts on everything from the food service to breakout topics.

Not only will you start to build some buzz about your event, but you'll also be guaranteeing its success by planning things attendees actually want to see happen.

Link to your registration. Once your registration goes live, put the link out on your Twitter page! You can do this once via a tweet, place it permanently in your Profile, or do both.

If you registration link is long and cumbersome, you can use tools such as Tiny URL to make them more click-able.

Make announcements and updates as your event plans progress. Did you finally nail down that keynote speaker? Have you changed one of your agenda sessions? Send notices via Twitter on any event news or changes.

It's an easy way to keep the conversation flowing on your Twitter page, plus it provides useful information to attendees.

Let others do the talking. The great thing about Twitter is that it's not a one-way marketing channel. It's becoming more and more popular for attendees to send tweets about your event, especially while it's in progress.

Set up a hashtag for your event (such as #myannualevent). Attendees can place this hashtag in their tweets about your event, and whenever someone searches for #myannualevent, the entire conversation will show up. You can also keep your Twitter page fresh by re-tweeting some of this conversation.

Provide alerts regarding event logistics. Your Twitter event page doesn't need to be solely about the content of your event itself. Especially as the event date approaches, or even as it's occurring, consider sending tweets about information relevant to the attendees.

Has an airline just offered a great deal on airfare to your meeting destination? Is there a traffic accident on the interstate that might be causing some delays in attendee arrivals? Such information affects your attendees, and thus your event, so it makes sense to discuss it on your Twitter page.

With these five ideas in mind, you'll find there's plenty to talk about on your Twitter event page. So what are you waiting for?
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