A Meeting RFP Checklist—What Are You Leaving Out?

ChecklistIn the past, I've recommended that you keep the length of your Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in check. More specifically, anything longer than 10 pages needs be trimmed. Remember that a longer RFP is not necessarily a better one!

So, knowing the importance of being specific and clear in your requirements, you may be wondering what should be included in your RFPs. I've come up with a few basic must-haves for any meeting RFP. If you've hit your 10-page limit and have yet to include one of these points, it's time to re-consider what you've put down.

• Your contact information, including your preferred method of communication

• A response due date

• Your decision date

• Description of the organization hosting the event

• Event state and end date, and alternate dates

• Number of attendees

• Business objectives (what type of event is this and what are you trying to accomplish?)

• Sleeping room requirements

• Meeting room requirements

• Food and beverage needs

• Amenity requirements (televisions, DVD players, etc.)

• ADA requirements (ramps, parking, etc.)

• Estimated budget

• Billing details

Of course, the details you provide within each item will vary greatly based on your event. You may need to list out the dates, room type, and occupancies for multiple sleeping room requirements, while in other cases your event RFP will not require sleeping rooms at all. And of course, you may want to attach additional event info, standard contracts, etc., to your RFP, so make sure to keep those documents in mind when it comes to length.
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