AeroTrain Arrives at Washington Dulles Airport!

Those to travel to Washington, DC or out of it, like myself, have something to celebrate. The long-awaited AeroTrain at Washington Dulles International Airport is scheduled to open today!

The $1.5 billion people mover system consists of 29 electric trains, each holding 50 passengers, that run between stations in about 72 seconds. Travelers can use the train to quickly travel among the main terminal and A gates, B gates and C gates. In the past, passengers had to take the somewhat cumbersome "mobile lounges" to access the C gates. The AeroTrain will replace most of these lounges.

The new train system is one of many improvements coming to the Dulles Airport, which is in the midst of a massive capital investment program known as D2. According to Frank Holly, engineering vice president for the airports authority, it will allow the airport to expand and accommodate a growing number of passengers for years to come.

"If you're coming to the nation's capital, you should be able to walk through a world-class facility," he told the Washington Examiner.
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