Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Top Lists of Favorite Air Carriers

Airplane LoadingEase of access to a meeting destination is an important consideration for your event attendees. After all, having attendees endure a long (and expensive) flight to get to your event site will not play in your favor for boosting registration numbers.

Though the metrics to define "easily accessible" could certainly vary from person to person, one factor that might play into an attendee's willingness to fly to your city of choice is the airlines that serve it. J.D. Power and Associates recently released a survey that provides insight to the carriers most favored by passengers, some of which may be your meeting attendees.

Among traditional network carriers, Alaska Airlines received the top rating, followed by Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines. Of low-cost carriers, JetBlue ranked highest for the fourth consecutive year. Southwest Airlines and WestJet followed.

The study measured customer satisfaction in seven measures. Among these indicators are cost and fees, in-flight-services, check-in, and reservation.

How much does ease of air access play into your meeting destinations? Would knowing that your city was served by one of these top-rated airline have any effect on your site selection?

To read the full results of the study, visit J.D. Power and Associates.

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