Another Benefit of Edible Centerpieces

Edible CenterpiecesI blogged a while back about centerpiece ideas to save the environment and your budget. One of my suggestions was to use food in your centerpiece, such as cupcakes or mini-fruit tarts.

Floral arrangements are generally just thrown out, while edible centerpieces eliminate waste. Plus, you'll save money on pricier plated dessert service.

I recently came across another reason why edible table centerpieces are a great idea for your events in Meetings & Conventions. The Ritz-Carlton Washington, DC threw a cherry blossom-themed event this year on a budget. The event centerpieces were miniature cherry creme brulees, cherry tarts and cupcakes with cherry blossom decorations. Aside from fitting into the planner's budget, the centerpieces sped up the banquet service so that the keynote speaker could start on time.

So there you go, another reason to give edible centerpieces a try. Reduce waste, save money, AND keep your events on schedule!
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