Avoid Meeting Mistakes: Incorporate Green Practices to Your Events

Green meetings are no longer just a fad—they're becoming the expectation both in the industry and among the public, which includes your event attendees. Not incorporating green tactics into your meetings is definitely a meeting mistake.

Remember when we blogged about the Meeting Strategies Worldwide white paper on the subject of going green with your meetings and events? The paper showed how green meetings save money, boost your reputation and attract attendees—all while doing right by the environment. With all the good they can do, why wouldn't you go green?

As you plan your next event, start going green with your online Request for Proposal (RFP). Customize RFPs with questions about a venue's green meetings policy. Or, attach documents laying out a baseline for your green needs.

With all the bad buzz surrounding the meetings industry these days, there's certainly no reason to add to the negativity by hosting events that are wasteful and harmful to the environment. And there's no need to—green meetings are a win-win for your organization, your meeting attendees, and the earth.
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