Avoiding Attrition Fees with Cvent's Housing Tools

No-attrition promotions to boost business can be great opportunities for planners, but the fact remains that a no-strings-attached, zero attrition offer is hard to come by. In most cases, meeting planners will have to remain vigilant about attrition as they plan their events.

We often come across planners managing their hotel bookings and attempting to mitigate attrition in an outdated, time-consuming manner. The common scenario is a meeting planner has attendees register for an event. The planner then tells attendees to call XYZ hotel and indicate a group name they can use to get a discounted rate.

A number of problems can arise. Your attendees may forget to use your group name, and thus are not counted toward your room block. Or, they might go to a completely different hotel. At this point, you have no idea how many people are booked in your block, so you have to go back and forth between your meeting hotel and your registrants to figure out their status. Any of this sound familiar?

That's why Cvent offers its clients comprehensive housing tools to manage your room blocks. During event registration, you can have your attendees easily sign up for a hotel room. Mandating hotel sign-up can help you achieve your contracted room block. Plus, you can monitor real-time reports on how many registrants have signed up for a hotel room and how close you are to filling your block.

Obviously, a world of no attrition would be great for planners. But despite several deals, it isn't a reality for most of you and certainly won't be in the future. Using Cvent's online housing tools can help you manage your room block and avoid getting hit by attrition fees.

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