Celebrate the Season: Use the Holiday Party as a Chance to Give Back

Holiday DecorIn today's climate of budget cutbacks and scrutiny on corporate excess, you and your company's execs might not have holiday parties on the brain. After all, is this really the time to spend money on the all-out celebrations of years past?

Just because you can't have all the (jingle) bells and whistles doesn't mean you and your employees can't celebrate the season. Why not host an event that's not just about glitz and glam but rather giving back? Try adding socially responsible team building to your party agenda!

As I've blogged in the past, team building is an important element in keeping your employees involved and invested in each other's and the company's success. When such bonding activities involve giving back, it yields even more benefits, as these corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs foster pride in your workforce.

The holidays are a perfect time to give back and boost the morale of both your employees and those in need.

"People need camaraderie and to feel good about themselves by helping others," Alan Ranzer, executive director of Impact 4 Good, recently told Incentive magazine. "I think more companies will turn to CSR to give meaningful holiday experiences."

While building bikes for a local boy's and girl's club or volunteering at a soup kitchen are great "do good" ideas for team building, Impact 4 Good has ideas for less intense activities that are more suited to a holiday fete.

At a recent holiday party for a client, the company gave attendees a 10-square-inch foam piece of canvas to paint, which was then used to create a mural for a children's hospital. The activity took just a half hour!

Obviously, it's easy to make your holiday parties a win-win for everyone involved. So will you incorporate CSR team building to your holiday event?
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