Compare Supplier Quotes with Bid Reports by Cvent

When planning a meeting, it pays to comparison shop. From your venue to your catering company, finding the right supplier with the best deal isn't easy to do when you only look at one. How do you know what is the best rate if you don't compare a few?

Cvent has made it even easier for you to compare suppliers quotes by letting you view a side-by-side bid report.

Simply view list of your suppliers and responses.

Suppliers and Responses List

Then, compare suppliers, compare bids, or view a bids report. The bid report opens in Excel as a side-by-side comparison.

Bids Report

You'll get a clean outline of each venue's proposal, and one that is customizable—format it however it best meets your needs. Finding the best deal for your event is even easier now with the Cvent Supplier Network!
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