Cvent Featured in!

Cvent's online registration software and Supplier Network were recently featured on! The article "Software tools help event planners get hard results" describes how Cvent's event planning tools can help planners host meetings easily, effectively and accurately despite shrinking budgets.

Some Cvent clients in Canada, such as Ottawa-based Netrunner, Inc., shared how Cvent helped streamline events and save money.

Valerie Yersh, vice president of events and marketing at Netrunner, noted in the article that Cvent's reporting function was useful for sending just the financial updates to the sales department, without having them access all of the other logistics information. When it came to costs, Cvent's customizable event website tool was her top money-saving feature.

"The Web site development function allowed us to launch the event without having to pay a fortune for back-end Web development," she said in the article. "We found creating a Web site would cost around $15,000."

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