Cvent is Great for All Events from A(zkatraz) to Z

User conferences, association meetings, corporate gatherings, Harry Potter fan conferences? Yes, Cvent's online registration software is versatile enough to handle all kinds of guest registrations, including those of Harry Potter fan conference Azkatraz 2009.

Held July 17-21, just two days after the much-anticipated Harry and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters, Azkatraz attracts fans from all over the world and at least 40 states to over 150 hours of event programming. Focused on J.K. Rowling's book series and the Warner Brothers' films, the event agenda includes presentations by TIME Magazine book critic Lev Gossman, Emerson Spartz of Mugglenet, and actor Chris Rankin, who plays Percy Weasley in the movies.

Azkatraz is the sixth in a series of events organized by HP Education Fanon, Inc. Almost all of the event organization, from registration to event chair meetings, is coordinated by volunteers online via Google, Yahoogroups, Skype, and, yes, Cvent!

Just check out the online registration page:

Azkatraz Registration Page by Cvent

They made use of some of Cvent's great features to customize the event for their needs.  For example, they added a custom field to their registrant information page for Badge Name:

Badge Name Custom Field

And used the "Tell-A-Friend" feature to invite guests to forward the invitation:

Tell A Friend Feature

Also added were various attendee-specific questions:

Attendee Questions

As well as some event-specific ones:

Event Specific Questions

Just an example of how conferences come in all shapes and sizes, and Cvent can accommodate them all!
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