Word-of-Mouth Event Promotion Made Easy by Cvent

Many of Cvent's new features make it easier for meeting and event planners to promote their events via social media. Letting your invitees share your event on their networking pages and including a link to your Twitter page are both great ways for planners to spread the word about their upcoming meeting, conference, etc.

Still, we know that no form of promotion has quite the same impact as word-of-mouth advertising. That's why Cvent has added another feature that makes it easy for your event invitees to let their friends and colleagues know about your event.

As you build your event website, you can opt to "Forward the event to others." This will place a "Send to a Colleague" link on your event website. By clicking this, event invitees can forward the invitation to others who may be interested, along with a short note.

Send Event to a Friend

If this option seems familiar, you may be thinking of Cvent's tell-a-friend functionality, which is another great way to allow person-to-person recommendations of your event. However, the new Forward option lets not just attendees tell their friends, but invitees as well. So even if one of your contacts has a scheduling conflict and cannot make it to your meeting, he or she can still pass it on to others who may be interested.

Note, however, that invitees must access your event website through a Cvent email. Those coming from a weblink will not be able to forward the event.
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