Event Marketing Tip: Keep Your Twitter Page Fresh and Interactive

So you've decided to start a Twitter account for your event. Great! In the past, I've given you some tips to how you can update your page, for example, by posting links to your event registration and asking for suggestions from your attendees.

It's important to keep in mind that these are just suggestions for how to update your Twitter page, and by no means are they a comprehensive list. You can, and should, be creative with how you use Twitter.

Consider the results of a poll conducted via Twitter by Kalena Jordan of SiteProNews. She asked, "If you represent a business using Twitter, what is your/their "main" reason for doing so?" The majority of respondents (37 percent) cited customer interaction, while 23 percent said driving traffic. Among the other reasons were news/product announcements (11 percent), branding (7 percent), reputation management (7 percent) and fun (9 percent).

Where do the updates on your event's Twitter page fall into these categories? Are your tweets all about the same thing, or do they encompass a wide range of types (e.g. @replies, news announcements, shared links, etc.)?

There's nothing wrong with having one key purpose for marketing your event on Twitter. However, it's important to keep in mind that if you don't vary your updates, your Twitter page will appear spam-like and unappealing—neither of which will go a long way in gaining followers. So make sure to create some interest by changing up your updates!
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