Event Planning Tip: Host Meetings that Help the Community

Aside from five reasons to host a meeting, the recent TBA Global white paper also provided some interesting research on what Americans consider appropriate ways to spend money on events. Overall, Americans aren't against meetings—they just don't think companies should spend excessively on "over-the-top, self-congratulatory celebrations" in this economy.

Interestingly, their research also found that 69 percent of respondents felt companies should invest more in community projects, while 60 percent said they would prefer companies invest in community rather than in the environment. Meanwhile 30 percent favored green initiatives over community projects and 10 percent said equal investment.

Basically, the research came down to the fact that continuing to host meetings is not going to be your organization's downfall, so long as they have a true purpose. In many people's eyes, a purpose that includes helping out the host community may be even more favorable.
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