Event Promotion: An Example of How Simple A Message Goes a Long Way

In my recent post about event promotion, I explained how you don't always need to go all out on advertising. Especially in today's increasingly "social" world, full of tweets, blog posts, and forum discussions, people are looking for some more personal communication and interaction—not a glossed-over, corporate message.

I came across an example of great marketing the other day at Xotels. Its blog featured the post, "Homage to La Quinta," about the brand's hotel marketing videos from 2007. This is my favorite:

It's simple, yet memorable. (I know I'll have that happy-go-lucky music in my head the entire day.)

What are some tactics you've been taking lately to promote your meetings and events? Any simple, cost-effective tips for what strategies went a long way?

Check out the other La Quinta ads.
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