Event Promotion Tip: Schedule Your Twitter Announcements

Last week I blogged about 5 ideas for keeping your event Twitter page lively and full of great information. My number #3 tip was, "Make announcements and updates as your event plans progress." For example, send tweets about changes in the agenda, early-bird deadlines, or speaker confirmations.

Something worthwhile to mention regarding this tip is that there's no shame in getting a little help. Consider making use of tools such as TweetLater to pre-schedule tweets about information that is not publishable now, but will be in the future.

For example, say you tweet your event registration link on June 1. It would seem odd to then immediately publish a reminder about your early bird rate. Instead, you can schedule to tweet one a few days before the rate expires on June 12. You could similarly schedule a tweet for a month later to remind guests that event registration is about to close.

These are simple updates that you definitely want to put on your event Twitter page. However, with all that goes on during the event planning process, your tweeting tasks can easily fall by the wayside. Using a tool like TweetLater lets you schedule important tweets all at once from the beginning, making your event promotion via Twitter more efficient.
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