Event Promotion Tip: Share Your Twitter Page from Your Event Website

Yesterday I blogged about how Cvent's new social media features make it easy for your event invitees to share information about your meetings with all their friends and colleagues. Well, that's not all the August 2009 release is bringing to your events when it comes to social media. After all, with all my talk about promoting your events on Twitter, it just wouldn't be right to not have included something for all the Twitter users out there, right?

One of Cvent's many new features is the ability to include a link to your event's Twitter page on your event website. Similar to adding the Share-Save link, planners need only select the Twitter link option when building their website, then enter the Twitter URL. For example, to link to Cvent's Twitter page, I would enter "http://twitter.com/cvent"

The familiar Twitter logo will appear on your event summary page online:

Twitter Link Option

Keep in mind that even if your event does not have it's own page on Twitter yet (what are you waiting for?), you can always link to your company page or even your own—whatever makes the most sense for your event. Either way, this convenient feature makes it easy for you to advertise your Twitter account, gain followers, and promote your event!
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