Famed Chicago Attraction Gets a New Name

Willis Tower, Formerly Sears TowerChicago's famed Sears Tower is getting a new name: Willis Tower. Formerly named after original tenant Sears Roebuck & Co., the 110-story Chicago attraction is being renamed after the new main tenant, London, England-based insurance broker Willis Group Holdings.

Completed in 1973, the former Sears Tower is an iconic fixture on the Chicago skyline, rising 1,450 feet high. Including the antennas, the building, which held the record as the world's tallest for 25 years, rises 1,725 feet.

The name change is not exactly being embraced by all, however. The more than 90,000 members of the Facebook group "People Against the Sears Tower Name Change" gathered over 34,000 signatures on an online petition against the name change, CNN reported.

No matter what you choose to call it, though, there's no doubt that the tower is, and will always be, a must-see for any visitor to the city. Groups can enjoy far-reaching views of Chicago from the tower's Skydeck, which offers group admission rates for 20 or more people. Food and beverage packages can be purchased for Chicago event group excursions as well.
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