Find Meeting Promotions in Minutes on the Cvent Supplier Network

I blog a lot about hotel deals and promotions for meeting planners (including the recent post I did on the top 8 deals for meeting planners at hotels). The fact is, as your budget gets smaller, these promotions are becoming more and more important. So, it only seems fitting that Cvent has made it even easier for you to find and take advantage of the great offers out there.

Promotion SearchAs part of the April 2009 release, the Cvent Supplier Network has been revamped with additional search functionality that helps you narrow down your venue options based on promotional offers. You can even search promotions by date range so that you don't miss out on the deals that apply to meetings taking place months from now.

Once you find a promotion, you can read a description about the offer details, cost, applicable dates, contact information, etc.

Promotion Description

Despite the economy, this is one of the best buying markets for meeting planners in years. Don't let all the great deals slip away! With the Cvent Supplier Network, it's even easier to search among 75,000 suppliers and fine the venue with the best deal for your event. Start searching today!
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