Godin's Bandwidth-sync Correlation: Why Live Meetings Offer Huge Value

A colleague recently sent me a link to a post on Seth Godin's Blog about the "Bandwidth-sync correlation." Seth shares this graph that charts a few popular forms of communication:
Bandwidth Sync Correlation - Seth Godin

The X-axis (asynchronous to synchronized) relates to the separation of receiver to sender, with synchronized communication being more interactive. The Y-axis (low bandwidth to high-bandwidth) illustrates quality: how much can you really get out of communication via a brief piece of direct mail versus a face to face conversation?

It's easy to see that an in-person event or conference holds the most value in terms of information exchange and sales. High impact and high interaction—no wonder there's been such support lately for the value of live meetings. As Seth writes, "one-on-one coaching is high enough bandwidth that it can change your life and make you cry.

With all the talk about social media these days, it's interesting to see something like this that puts blogs, Twitter, etc., in perspective. Yes, social media enables real interaction, but not as much impact. (With Twitter's 140 character limit, how much can you really expect?)

It's important not to lose sight of this relationship and let your Twitter page, Facebook status or event blog take up all the time that could be devoted to planning a top-notch event. While social media certainly can help you reach out to others and be a gateway for your events and/or organization (as I often blog about), it's essential that you make sure what's on the other side of the gate is worthwhile.
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