How to Add Team Building Events to Your Agenda

It's clear that team building can be a great way to get your meeting attendees out of the boardroom. Team building generates new, creative ideas and really gets attendees engaged in your event, product and/or organization.

However, in the big scheme of event planning, team building can fall by the wayside. You might not always feel like you have the time to coordinate yet another item on your event agenda. Not so. Using Cvent, you can easily add a team building event (or several) to your agenda in just a few minutes, all within the process of your entire event management.

Simply create your team building event as a session in your agenda. You can give it a name, specify start/end dates and times, and provide information as to what the team building is about.

Add Team Building Session Details

You can even specify the capacity of your event, if applicable, and enable a waitlist to turn on automatically if the session closes for registration. For example, I only have transportation available for about 20 people to go my team building event, a clean up at the downtown park. But, if the response is overwhelming, I can secure additional transportation, and I'll use the waitlist as my guide for who else will attend.

Team Building Session Capacity

Now, as your attendees complete the online registration process, they can sign up for the team building event just as they can for other agenda sessions.
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